Thursday 18 Sep 2014

GXG Markets


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GXG Markets is a three-tiered European public marketplace that is ideally suited for high quality start-up and smaller to midsize companies that wish to gain a listing, but who may not qualify for larger stock exchanges. A listing is extremely affordable and very fast and the listing and subsequent ongoing reporting requirements of GXG Markets are minimally invasive. GXG Markets offers a transparent, global marketplace, attractive for honest companies and investors, where small and medium-sized companies can find necessary capital in order to grow.

GXG Markets was built with good intentions and designed to turn those intentions into growth capital for those interested in the future of quality small companies.

GXG Markets is made up of three segments as follows:

GXG Markets First Quote (OTC) and GXG Markets Main Quote (MTF) are unregulated markets, which means that they are regulated by GXG Markets itself, while, the GXG Official List (Regulated Market) is regulated by the European Union. GXG Markets Main Quote (MTF) is more advanced than GXG Markets First Quote (OTC) and, as such, is more attractive to investors. GXG Markets listings are very fast and do not require audited financials on GXG First Quote or a prospectus on GXG First or Main Quote, but we always recommend that serious companies have both.

GXG Markets First Quote and the Main Quote areideally suited for startup or early stage companies, or just for companies that want fast access to the capital markets quickly and easily.

The GXG Markets Official List is the highest trading segment of GXG Markets, meaning it has the highest transparency standards and is an EU regulated market. Serious companies should aspire to IPO on the GXG Official List, which is still quicker and easier than any other major stock exchange listing.








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